How To Find a Real Estate Agent

I have been in Real Estate for some years.  Lets just say I am not a rookie at buying and selling properties.  Like most investors I have rented properties, rehabilitated them and helped others do investing.


  I find real estate agents by searching the web, referrals, and sometimes their name was on a sign.  Ultimately it comes down to an interview.  Yes, Agents are licensed so they meet the state standards, they work for a Broker.  A Broker has more training and additional license requirements.  Basically, most if not almost all will get the job done.  If you are experienced, you don’t need a whole lot from your agent.  If you are not, you need someone looking out for YOU, on the ball, and able to meet timelines.  The most important Quality is they NEED to be compatible with you and your desires.  One that is trying to guess what I want, will not be doing things as well.

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“I want an argent who can be relied upon to execute my wishes.  Obviously within legal limits.   Someone who understands what I am looking for without injecting their own preferences.  Sure I want someone who will inform me of options that I might prefer but are really a detriment to my purchase or sale.  I just don’t want them to override me on my decisions.  Reliable means, information that helps me make decisions and execution of decisions on my behalf.  I had to vociferously reject one agents advice to accept a low-ball offer; only to get the offer I wanted two days later.

Listens to ME

There are many agent ot there who will listen to you but not hear you.  The first agent I ever used helped me decide my price range for a home.  I said I was NOT comfortable at that level and selected a range lower than what I could qualify for.  She kept showing me places at my upper quals not my stated limit.  My next agent got it right, and we did a great purchase together.  In fact I know agent who will try to talk down first time home buyers to bight a smaller piece of the apple then go for the Big bite.  Those are the gems out there who try to tell you how BIG house payments can get you all messed up.

Replies Promptly 

I want someone who replies to me when I call or email.  Sure some of my requests may take time to get a full answer but letting me know they got the question is a big relief. When yo have an agent it is probably unrealistic to believe I am their only client.  I sure goes a long way to let me feel like it though.  When you need to know some information time is very critical; in the middle of a deal there is no time to delay;; my agent needs to help answer my questions in order to get things done.


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